A modern-day Renaissance Woman, Sofieya takes a holistic approach to her multi-faceted life.  Her many areas of knowledge translate into her design work from the perspective of simplification and refinement of life's complexities to that which is most important.  She has deep reverence for the truth inherent in beauty and seeks to harmonize the built environment to reflect the internal experience of those within it.  She recognizes that the most subtle can have great impact and that we are all inherently complex beings, and our built environment needs to support these complexities to be truly successful.


An active philanthropist, educator, and native Californian, Sofieya has lived and worked from Palm Springs to Mt. Shasta and in all the Metropolitan cities in between.  Her passion lies in early and mid-century modern architectural preservation and restoration, environmentally sustainable building and design, and modernist design in all of its forms.


She has owned and operated her own home accessory and accent lighting design studio in San Francisco, worked with environmental and modernist architectural design firms, managed a home furnishing showroom, staged homes for the real estate market, and owned and renovated an architecturally significant modern home designed by a prominent mid-century Palm Springs architect in the early 60's.


She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.


I like to feel that I am the subject of a painting when I walk onto the canvas of a space.....I want to feel the space seamlessly flow between the worlds of work, play and sleep,

for all of it to feel like a dream.


~ Sofieya Zsadara